Hexo + Netlify CMS + Optimisations

There are a lot of good static site generators that have come about in the last few years (Jekyll, Hugo and Gatsby are fantastic). But if you are really looking for one to set up a clean and easy blog as quickly as possible, I can highly recommend Hexo on top of Netlify + Netlify CMS. It really is a match made in heaven for simplicity and cost (=free).

The basic workflow is set up a github/gitlab repo, put together all the pieces of the puzzle in a local install, push to your repo and watch your blog come alive on Netlify. Normally you would then write a blog post locally then do a new push to put it live, but with Netlify CMS you can hook up your repo to Netlify and write your posts/pages straight through the browser.

Its very easy to set up but I decided I would make the first part of the workflow even easier by building a ready made git repo with some optimal plugins.

Click here to go to the repo

Click here to check out a demo (try running chrome lighthouse audit. You should get a 98+ performance score)

What do you get

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