Jotter notepad/text editor for Samsung watches

Are you looking for a massive, expensive, feature packed text editor for your watch?

No? Me neither. I needed a simple text editor for adding API keys to my OptiClick watchface so I made one. It’s VERY basic but gets the job done.

It’s open source so feel free to jump in:

If you aren’t a coder but have ideas about what you would like in a little note taker add your suggestions and me (or anyone else) can see whether it can be done:


UPDATE: Check out the video!

I am really pleased to announce my first Tizen based app. After getting a Samsung Galaxy Watch just before Christmas, I thought I should have a go at a watch face for it.

I decided to go for brain over looks and being a ‘smart’ watch, it made sense to get as much functionality into the screen as possible so that every function you want is only a click away (hence the name OptiClick!).

OptiClick is a Tizen based watch face for use on Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, Gear S3 and Gear S2. Take a look through the image gallery below to see what it’s capable of and feel free to comment any suggestions for improvements below.

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