YAFL - Yet Another Flutter Login starterkit

Have you played around with Flutter yet? If not, you should. I have never been too keen on frameworks claiming to make it easy to write both Android and iOS apps from a single codebase, but Flutter seems to get it right. The biggest benefit for me is how easy it was to setup and the integration with Android Studio/Emulator/iOS Emulator. Granted, it is still fairly new just like the Dart language it is built upon (OK, Dart is 7 years old but still it is kind of new!) but if it keeps on its current trajectory it is likely to be the default goto for building apps.

Anyway, I digress. I always find the best way to start learning a new framework/language is to jump straight in. Pick something that you know you are going to need and build it. Many apps require a login of some sort so I figured I would have a crack at a simple login/registration form integrated with Firebase. I started by downloading all the ones I could find (https://startflutter.com is helpful for that and of course https://github.com) and then took it from there.



Check it out, see what you think. Hopefully it’s helpful to someone besides me. Be aware that I haven’t spent a hell of a lot of time caressing it and getting all the small Dart and flutter nuances under control so don’t be surprised if you find some small bugs (but please report them through gitlab)!


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